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DD322EA Simple

DD322EA Simple

  • COLD TEMPERATURE USE - Extract up to 21 pints of moisture at cold temperatures where compressor type is less effective due to a need to defrost. 

  • FEATURES - Humidistat Dial; Quiet (42dBA) & Turbo modes for laundry; Adjustable Air Outlet. 

  • SAFETY FEATURES - Tilt over stop protection & automatic water full shut down. 

  • DESICCANT TECHNOLOGY - Quiet, lightweight, no harmful gas nor noisy compressor. 

  • ERGONOMIC - Minimize spillage & better handling, front tank removal, antidrip tank with lid & handle. 7.4 pint tank with optional Continuous Drainage.



Desiccant Dehumidifier DD322EA SIMPLE

This modern and effective desiccant dehumidifier will help you enjoy damp free interiors. Quiet and high efficient Desiccant Dehumidifier ideal for a 3 - 5 bedroom home or a small warehouse or office up to 200m2. It provides moisture removal up to 21 Pints per day @ 68°F 60% RH.

Product Features

  • Easy to use Rotary Humidistat
  • No Noisy Compressor
  • No Harmful Gas
  • Lightweight
  • Clean simple design
  • Robust build quality and strong carry handle
  • Special laundry features with turbo and saving modes
  • Continuous drainage with 1 meter hose supplied
  • Built in heater
Additional Information

Additional Information

Dehumidifier Type Desiccant
Filtration Mesh Filter
Moisture Removal Per Day 21 pints / 10 Litre @ 68°F, RH60%
Noise Level (dBA) No
Power Consumption (W) No
Water Tank Volume 7.4 Pints / 3.5 Litres
Colour White
Net Dimension (W x H x D) inch 16.4 x 21.7 x 7.3
Gross Dimension (W x H x D) inch 19.3 x 24.5 x 10.2
Net / Gross Weight (lbs) 18.7 / 22.0
Power Supply (Ph-V-Hz) 110 - 120V-60HZ
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